Haiku from Talking to the Wren

Spring comes silently –slow as a caterpillar,quiet as an owl. Days fly by like bees –flitting through the calendar,sticky with honey. Lightning pries the skyopen like an oyster shell. Hard rain falls like pearls. Wind and water shapemagnificent mountain peaks.Air and spirit rise! Crickets on warm nightscalling one another –music in their wings Haiku by… Continue reading Haiku from Talking to the Wren

Making peace worth keeping

Matthew 5:9 – Jesus promised us, “Blessed are all who make peace, for they shall be called the children of God.” Keeping the peace at all cost isn’t what You meant, is it, Lord? That sounds more like being passive – a word we would never use to describe You! Making peace creates what isn’t… Continue reading Making peace worth keeping

First the Ashes, then the Fire

Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, often focuses on the penitential Psalm 51 and encourages us to look at ourselves honestly, confess what needs confessing, and change what needs changing.  It’s not about giving up chocolate or other things we like but about giving up any obstacles in our relationship with Jesus Christ, Who… Continue reading First the Ashes, then the Fire

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