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Hi I’m Mary Harwell Sayler, poet-writer-poetry editor-reviewer. Since early childhood, I have loved to read the Bible and write! I’ve been a freelance writer for Christian, educational, and indie publishers for many years, and I try to help other poets and writers through blogs, critiques, e-books, and links to resources on my website.

As you’ve most likely heard, the hymn “Standing on the Promises” encourages us to trust God and take Him at His word. Kneeling on the Promises of God presents hundreds of those promises together in one book followed by brief prayers in agreement with God’s revealed will for our lives. 

The Book of Bible Prayers doesn’t talk about prayer. It IS prayer – a prayer book with most of the actual prayers in the Bible collected and paraphrased into one book with no denominational lines. The book also assures you of “prayer partners,” not only with others using the book but with those who first prayed these timeless words and eternally relevant prayers.

A Gathering of Poems collects an eclectic – and occasionally humorous – mix of free verse and traditional poetry on our relationships with God, other people, the world of nature, and ourselves. Whether you’re a frequent reader of poetry or have not read a poem for years, you’ll likely relate to the experiences in this gathering of favorite poems from previously published works by Mary Harwell Sayler.

A Poet’s Guide to Writing Poetry: in free verse and traditional forms can help you take your poems to a new level by expanding your options in writing traditional poetry and learning to break lines more effectively in free verse. An A to Z glossary at the end of the book defines important poetic terms to know as you write, experiment, and more fully enjoy the poems you read by other poets.

PRAISE! These poems provide a remedy
for those who feel pressed down by the
negativity and worries of the world. While
acknowledging the realities around us, the
poems focus on the good found by those
who seek God’s Presence in all things.

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